The Artists


wallpaper sample, copyright Jane Pepper 2011  

Jane Pepper uses photographic and digital collage techniques to develop natural forms in an investigation of pattern and repetition. Her work here references D.H. Lawrence’s love of flowers and nature, and his use of natural symbolism.

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detail of'Overture', Copyright Nicola Rae 2011     Nicola Rae uses book fragments, found materials and textile pieces to create a series of framed ‘episodes’ which allude to the history of D.H. Lawrence’s relationship with the woman who was at one time his fiancée, Louie Burrows.

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detail of 'Strangers in a Silent Garden', Copyright Janet Turville 2011   Janet Turville has used the handwritten letters of D.H. Lawrence to produce graphic designs from the 100 year old words and phrases. The resulting symbols seem to represent figures, animals, insects, angels and aliens.

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